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What Preschool Can Do For Your Child

Curiosity is what leads young children to explore and discover the world around them. They move around, touching and playing with everything that they see. This curiosity, if improperly channelled or reprimanded, can lead to diminished learning. In order to make sure that your child gets the right kind of early education, preschool is a wise option.  It provides a structured environment that is safe and has the necessary guidance and stimuli to encourage learning. Not only does it support a child’s physical, creative and cognitive development, it also gives the child the opportunity to develop socially and emotionally by interacting with other children. Moreover, a child begins to learn self-care and discipline at an early age.

What your child learns in preschool serves as a basis not just for future education but for future life in general. The skills that he or she acquires at this stage are fundamental life skills, like learning how to do things independently. You would obviously like to send your child to the best preschool in Singapore . There are many centres for early education in Singapore, with different approaches and curriculum. A good preschool will both facilitate and enhance your child’s learning. For this, the curriculum must be holistic, providing an enjoyable and stable learning environment. A well-rounded curriculum should include:

• Language and communication – Children aged 3 to 4 have just learnt how to speak and are communicating in simple, short sentences. At this stage, they learn new words and phrases very quickly from what they hear around them, so a healthy and stimulating environment is very important to ensure that they learn as much as they can.

• Cognitive skills – By allowing free and safe exploration, your child’s ability to understand his or her environment and how things work are developed.

Physical development – Gross motor skills are developed by encouraging play and fine motor skills through various arts and crafts and learning how to write.

• Creativity – Your child’s imagination is allowed to run free and be expressed through art, music, dance and other play activities.

Young children learn through playing, which is why they’re always fiddling with objects and trying to figure them out. So, ‘play’ is a very important aspect of early education, whether it is at home or in the classroom. So, if there is one thing that you need to make sure the preschool and you give to your child, it is ample play time.

Child development in early years

The future of a country lies in the hands of the children. They are the base of a nation, who grow up to become responsible citizens. Thus it is very important that the child has a proper growth and development. The preschool stage of the child constitute of the formative years between two to six years. It is during this stage that the child learns a lot as their curiosity and ability to explore is at its peak. Thus maximum development of the child happens at this stage. Development happens at all levels — physical, motor, lingual, sensory, emotional, and cognitive.

chineseclasses3Physical growth is seen in the rapid increase in the height of the child. At the emotional level, the child learns to handle his or her emotions on their own. Cognitive development happens as the child starts thinking logically. Motor skills like kicking and jumping is also learnt at this stage. Lingual developments are seen in the child’s ability to learn alphabets and new words.

Thus it goes without saying that the formative years are very crucial for the child. It is during these years that the child is shaped for the rest of his or her life. If the child fails to get proper care in this phase of growing up, the adverse effect is seen in the teenage when the child becomes careless and unruly.

Child care centres:

Child care centres in Singapore and all over the world make sure that the child’s future is not jeopardized. They provide high quality care to the children. Professional care givers ensure that the children don’t feel the lack of home, while reaping the maximum benefit from these child care centres. The children going to these centres learn to share and collaborate with others. They are well versed in the virtue of generosity and helpfulness. The positive attitude of the care givers have a great impact on the emotional growth of the child.

There are licensed child care centres in Singapore. These centres usually giver better quality care to the children as they meet certain standards. High quality care prepares the child for a better future. They can adjust better when they go to schools and are usually more disciplined.

Thus these child care centres play a vital role in being the temporary substitute for the child’s parent. The memories made in these centres also leave an indelible impact on the child.