Do’s and Don’ts for future preschool teachers

A teacher’s job can be very exciting provided he/she can handle it. Teaching and taking care of children is no easy task. So, what are the things that new teachers need to keep in mind? There are many things to keep in mind and doing all of them is a huge task so just follow some of the basic do’s and don’ts and you’ll learn the rest.



1. Keep the class exciting. There isn’t one child in this world who likes listening to lengthy and boring lectures. As a Singapore playgroup teacher, it is your duty to keep the children engaged in different activities.

2. Supervise the children. The room will be full of children running about and you need to keep an eye out for any accidents.

3. Plan a schedule. It’s always easy to follow a plan and stick to one that works. Divide the given time into different activities and include nap time as well.

4. Help each child individually. Some children are slow learners while others catch up fast. Give your attention to each child and understand in which area they need attention.

5. Never go beyond limits. While some might argue that it’s reasonable to push children beyond their limits, as a teacher you should never do that. Set achievable targets each day and teach children how to achieve those targets.


1. Never give tasks that are boring. The main focus of preschools should be on activity. Never give any activity to a child which he/she might find boring. It might have negative effects and even affect their learning and developmental skills.

2. Don’t keep the classroom disorderly. Yes, it will be tough to keep a classroom tidy when so many children are involved but that is part of your job. Children should learn from elders about discipline and order.

3. Never be careless. Attentiveness should be one of the important traits of a teacher. You should control the children when they go out of hand but not so much as to make them feel constrained. Children should be free to do what they want but within a certain boundary.

4. Never get angry. It is quite common for you, as a teacher, to get irritated by children but even then you must keep your cool. Never shout or scream at any child because it can have a very bad effect on them, even after they grow up.