How kindergarten can improve your kid’s social skills

Though the emotional and social development in children is an ongoing process, teachers of the kindergarten schools in Singapore know that the skills they impart at the kindergarten stage can be of immense help throughout the school career of children as well as during their adult life. Children will be able to form new friendships and will also learn to be independent even while maintaining their relationships. In other words, the emotional and social skills acquired by kids during their kindergarten stage will help their transition to their higher levels of growth. The following points may be useful.

1.osoyooskindergartenweb Kindergarten teachers should impart the skills of understanding which is right and which is wrong and recognizing and respecting elders and authority figures in children. If the teachers keep repeating the rules that are related to these skills quite often, children will understand them.

2. Communicating their needs or feelings is another important social skill because many rules that are considered socially appropriate govern this skill. Kindergarten teachers will do well to spot those kids that express anger, get upset frequently and indulge in tantrums, like yelling at others or throwing objects, and teach them that they have to understand the needs as well as the feelings of others also. If these children realize that there are alternative productive ways for expressing their frustration or anger, they are certain to improve their skills of forming friendships and maintaining their relationships.

3. There is yet another skill that is important and it is playing and interacting with group members without the need to be supervised. Every child is unique and if children are not able to adjust with other kids, there will be constant chaos in the classrooms. Kindergarten teachers should therefore inculcate in kids the skill of playing or interacting with other children. At the same time, children should be taught to be independent as well.

4. Using polite language while sharing, conversing or playing is important also because children may have to share toys, materials, props or manipulatives with other kids in their classroom. If one child acts bossy and displays rude behavior, it may spoil the ambiance of the whole classroom. Kindergarten teachers should repeatedly remind children about the importance of being polite and learning to accommodate with other kids.

5. Expressing new ideas and taking a few safe risks is a social skill that may go a long way in molding children. Teachers of kindergarten schools in Singapore should adopt innovative ways for imparting this skill in children. If kids become willing learners and are ready to explore new things, they will be able to achieve great success in their life.