Some Challenges Kids Face in their Formative Years

The K12 Education system has been gaining momentum across the globe as children have accepted that thinking, reasoning and analyzing benefits them a lot more than mere rote learning. Children, from all accounts, are performing much better concluding that their high-level capabilities are not put on the back burner but encouraged. However, there are challenges that they face along the way, because of inadequate inputs by the educators to help them in their development.

The private primary schools in Singapore, however, has a different take on the concepts that they project to the little ones in their formative years. Arithmetic is not based on the mere subject matter but the option of being free thinkers and analyzers. As they get to improvise their basic values and implement calculations, they understand the fundamentals and go further in improvising the knowledge of the subject and the need to attend school regularly becomes paramount. In building the skills of the young ones in a durable manner, they are able to cope with the subject matter in the grade that they are studying. By inculcating a love for reading, critical thinking, writing problem solving and mathematics, their foundation remains on point.

When children face certain challenges like improper teaching patterns or lack of methods used to encourage them, their grades slip. By setting clear and achievable goals in the curriculum children use their abilities to reach targets and overcome challenges in their way. By grouping kids based on their ability in a classroom, after conducting a systemic test, the private primary school encourages the development of the child. The basis is to ensure that children get the right dose of education without keeping it within a selective pattern and keeping the methodology fair.

Some children find it difficult to get ahead because the facts and informative material laid out in the syllabus does not pique their curiosity, which proves rather challenging. This curtails their development and learning goals. The IB course structure available at GESS, as detailed on the website encourages the child to embark on an out of box thinking journey. Whatever the challenges may be in his path, like calculations, a limited grasp of literature, bad writing, limited reasoning, he is encouraged through careful teaching patterns to overcome these negative thought patterns. Therefore, even if there are challenges along the way, he is able to cope because of the freedom of expression and reasoning available to him.