There Is More To Primary School Education Than The Syllabus

Kids seem to be facing an emphasis on the content of the work being taught in school. You hardly see children today enjoying their play over the weekends because of the burden of class tests and the volume of studying that they have to include every single day. If they fall back from the rest of the class, they feel ashamed and invariably find it impossible to catch up. That is why it is quite imperative, at least in the formative years, to encourage them to enjoy some playtime before they get down to the assignments for the day. A game of hockey, a swim, some running and catching, playing ball, skating or anything other than thinking and studying will better their learning skills.

At this private school for primary education, children do have a lot of learning to accomplish as the volume increases over time. The scope and content are carefully crafted and organized with the view to set expectations based on the learning pattern of the child and the institution. However, kids are also encouraged to relax and smell the roses instead of cramming in everything and feeling the pressure. The objective is to make very sure that kids remain kids. While it is essential for the growth pattern to take shape, without some fun time, they will block out the necessary syllabus and lag behind from the rest of their peers.

Best practices in learning are achievable in an IB school set up which makes the journey between learning and teaching extremely valuable. By summarizing the extent of what children are meant to accomplish without putting too much of an emphasis on rote learning, they automatically respond favorably. Thinking and analyzing while understanding the subject is a key element in the overall formation of the child’s learning curve. If he or she cannot think about a solution to a particular problem, be it math or a literature class, the child will end up rote learning. Hence, the reason why analyzing and understanding the subject is relevant especially for the 21st-century child!

The private primary school GESS has a number of course policies with simple grading patterns that do not put the child down but encourages the children. Visit the website for more information about the course content and the vast reach that this amazing school that follows the K12 education pattern has to offer. The bottom line – they offer more than the mere syllabus.