Understanding GESS Curriculum

GESS – a popular Singapore private primary school – has a unique feature in its curriculum. GESS stands for German European School Singapore and as the name suggests, it has both curriculums.

It an international school that hosts students from over fifty different nationalities every year. Thousands of students from different age groups are a part of this institution year after year.

The curriculum

They provide a choice in the curriculum you would want to opt for your child. The IBO curriculum of high English standards or the German curriculum in German.

The German curriculum

GESS provides all general German school leaving degrees. The idea is to let students develop their German roots.

There is no compromise on holistic development. This curriculum gives the students a choice of opting for a language that they could build on to increase their chances of bagging opportunities back at home. German language is given preference in most universities and is even a mandate in some.

IB curriculum

The European section of the school is certified to provide all International Baccalaureate certificate courses. It is one of the few colleges worldwide that has authorization of the Primary Years Programme, Middle Years Programme and the Diploma Programme.

The IB curriculum focuses on an overall development of the individual. It motivates students to excel not just academically but also promotes personal development. IB gives each student a chance to enhance their personality as a whole and pursue their hobbies too.


Presently, they have two functioning campuses. One exclusively for the little ones called the Junior School campus that is located in Jalan Jurong Kechil Singapore.

The main GESS campus is on Bukit Tinggi road. Their new campus is currently under construction and is set to open doors in 2018. Located on Dairy Farm road, it is a custom built campus that is being constructed on futuristic ideas.

About GESS

The idea is to create a welcoming environment for students of all nationalities. The curriculums give them an opportunity to stick closer to their roots whilst away from home but teaching them how to fly at the same time.