Why Schools Must Encourage Sports?

Children spend a major portion of their day time at an international school on studying a variety of subjects to shape their future. However, a lot of energy is used up on studies and children tend to return home tired and lazy. As such, attempts should be made to restore the lost energy in the most funny and engaging manner. It is here sports come in handy to help out. There are many reasons why schools must encourage sports. Some of them are detailed below.

Keeps fit

The first obvious benefit of sports is they sustain the fitness of children. By engaging in their preferred games, children are able to burn their body fat that can lead to obesity otherwise. Physical exertion involved in sports speed up the body metabolism to work faster, which in turn plays a key part in enhancing the overall fitness of a child while keeping diseases at bay.

Fosters social habits

Many students excel in academics, but they lack social habits. Without socialization, a child just can’t interact in his personal and professional life. In fact, socialization is the key to success in all spheres of life. Sports overcome this hurdle in an engaging and funny manner. By participating in favorite games, children learn to communicate and interact with each other thereby developing social skills. By promoting sports, schools play a pivotal role in garnering social habits among children.

Sharpens the mind

Sports involve quick decision making within moments. A simple mistake can turn a winning game into a losing tussle. While trying to perform better in sports, a child’s mind gets sharper. This can be extremely helpful in studies and future when a grown up student has to take important decisions in work and personal life.

Promotes personality and body building

Many children prefer to make a career in athletic events and body building. Sports are the foundation of such careers. By encouraging sports, schools can help children to make a career in athletic events in addition to building their personality. Also, a well built personality is a big asset to any grown up adult all through his life, and schools can assist children in developing this asset right from a tender age.

Bottom line

Thus, it gets clear that sports are an indispensable part of a child’s day to day tenure. In addition to boosting the strength and flexibility of a child’s body, sports sharpen a child’s mind and prepare him for worldly challenges. A quality international school in Singapore understands the importance of sports and includes relevant games and sports in a funny manner for all around development of children.